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466 Route 31
Bridgeport, New York 13030
Bridgeport Mini Storage provides safe, clean, and secure self storage and storage units in Syracuse & Bridgeport, NY.
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At Bridgeport Mini Storage in Bridgeport, NY,  we have 12 storage unit sizes to fit any budget.  Some of the popular sizes are listed below.  Vapor barriers have been carefully installed in the storage units in both the ceilings and the floors to diminish moisture. We have a completely paved driveway to eliminate stone chips and dings on your vehicle when visiting your storage unit. And you can get to your property easily and conveniently without having to pass through gates that may freeze up or stick.

Call, click or stop by if you have any questions about our facility, our storage units, payment options or availability. We are always here to help.  Our office and storage units are located in Bridgeport, just a short drive from Syracuse.
Our 5 by 10 by 10 size storage units are just the right size for the homeowner’s seasonal needs. Our storage units comfortably hold a motorcycle, yard/lawn equipment, ATV or bicycle. This can also accommodate one or two pieces of large furniture. Use these storage units for patio furniture pieces and you won't believe how many boxes you can stack in one of these units.
Our 10 by 20 by 12 Not only can you store larger appliances, furniture and bedding, but you get the added ability to stack boxes higher and store taller pieces without struggling.  Store the contents of a two to three bedroom residence including some large appliances. Full size vehicles fit comfortably as well but we always encourage measuring for your specific needs.
5 by 10 by 10
5 by 7 by 9
5 by 8 by 9
5 by 15 by 12
10 by 6 by 9
10 by 10 by 10
10 by 15 by 12
10 by 18 by 12
10 by 20 by 12
10 by 25 by 12
10 by 30 by 12
16 by 60 by 12
Our 10 by 30 by 12 storage units really makes maximum use of our vaulted ceilings. Store the contents of a 3 to 4 bedroom residence, larger appliances, furniture and bedding. Tall items are not a problem. Fits most full size vehicles including recreational vehicles. We always encourage measuring for your specific needs.

5 by 10 by 10
10 by 10 by 10
10 by 30 by 12
10 by 20 by 12
All dimensions are Width by Depth by Height
Our 10 by 10 by 10 size storage units are the choice for students and apartment tenants in transition.   Our storage units comfortably hold the contents of a one bedroom apartment including some major appliances.  Great choice for newlyweds storing their personal property until finding their first home.
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Storage Units In Bridgeport & Syracuse, NY

Our storage units are located in Bridgeport, just a short drive from Syracuse, NY. Call us today at 315-382-0704 with any questions you have about our storage unit sizes!